Field of Dreams Southpaw Whiskey Lemon Ginger Canned Cocktail

Field of Dreams Southpaw Whiskey Lemon Ginger Canned Cocktail

  • Ready-to-drink whiskey canned cocktail made with authentic Field of Dreams Corn
  • Refreshing Whiskey Lemon Ginger flavor
  • 5.43% ABV, 12 oz. cans, 4-pack

Field of Dreams Whiskey partners with Seelbach's for legally compliant online fulfillment nationwide, with the exception of the following states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont

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Your New Favorite Canned Cocktail

Beer is old news, and who actually likes malt seltzers? We created a drink that we actually enjoy drinking. And best of all? It's got whiskey!

When You Need Relief, Reach for the Southpaw

Sometimes, a whiskey neat is not the right play.

That's why we're releasing Southpaw - a refreshing whiskey cocktail made with the same Field of Dreams whiskey.

Perfect for the patio, the game, the water, and everywhere between.

Bright Lemon, Exciting Ginger

Featuring notes of lemon and ginger with the perfect amount of carbonation, Southpaw has a fresh take on the classic cocktails you know and love.

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