Brought to life by World Series Winners, Gold Glovers, All-Stars, Record Setters, and Legends.

Field of Dreams Whiskey was born from a simple question - how would you tell an authentic story about baseball through whiskey?

There was only one answer. The legendary Field of Dreams, in Dyersville, Iowa, and the cornfield that made it famous.

We are driven by the desire to authentically capture the emotion and nostalgia of the Field of Dreams and bring it to you, wherever in the country you might be.

Field of Dreams Whiskey is owned by a collective of current and former Major League Baseball players, and is committed to putting out the highest quality and purest expression of the Field of Dreams as we can.

Over 5 billion kernels of Field of Dreams Corn™ have been distilled into barrels since our founding, ensuring a quality product for years to come.