Field of Dreams Bourbon - Batch

Field of Dreams Bourbon - Batch #1

  • Bourbon made with authentic Field of Dreams Corn
  • Batch #1 - only 22,860 bottles available
  • 93 Proof, 46.5% ABV, 750mL 

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Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont

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Batch #1

Only 22,860 Bottles

The first release of Field of Dreams Bourbon yielded 22,860 bottles - one for every player in major league history, making it a truly collectible bottle.

It's in the details

There are dozens of hands that touch each bottle of Field of Dreams Bourbon before it gets to you.

From the farmer in Iowa all the way to the person numbering the bottle by hand, each step of the way takes care to ensure your bourbon is special.

A story worthy of sharing

Whether it's on your bar to show off, or over ice among friends, there's something special about Field of Dreams Bourbon and the memories it evokes.

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