Field of Dreams Triple Play Whiskey Palmer Canned Cocktail

A perfectly balanced whiskey palmer cocktail, this low calorie, low sugar ready-to-drink beverage features sweet tea, lemon, a hint of ginger, and the actual, authentic corn from the Most Famous Cornfield in the World - the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.

Easy drinking and refreshing, this is a perfect choice for sports fans, movie buffs, and lovers of unique whiskeys alike. Enjoy this summer offering while watching your favorite sporting event, at a backyard barbecue, on the golf course, or even just unwinding at home.

Field of Dreams Triple Play is available in select markets in exclusive quantities.

Field of Dreams Whiskey Triple Play Canned Cocktail Whiskey Palmer Can Front and Back

COMING 2023 - Field of Dreams Bourbon

Want your true Sip of Heaven?

The most authentic expression of the most famous cornfield in the world lands in 2023 with the inaugural release of our flagship line - Field of Dreams Bourbon. 

Over 5 billion kernels of Field of Dreams Corn have been turned into whiskey and are currently aging, ready to give you an unparalleled bourbon experience for years to come.

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